Disclaimer - Notary Services

***You need to change or canceled at least three hours before your appointment to have no responsibility. ***You need to change or canceled one hour before your appointment to have 50% responsibility. ***You are 100% responsible for full payment if you do not cancel or change appointment less than 30 minutes before your appointment. For all appointments cancel or changed with less than 1 hour notice, 50% of the fee for the missed appointment can be credited to a rescheduled appointment made within 14 days of the original appointment (not including friday and saturdays). The travel fee includes up to 30 minutes (60 minutes for air port), unless otherwise advised, from the latter of the appointment time or when the notary arrived. Additional time the notary remains onsite either waiting or preforming duties that are usual and customary for a mobile notary beyond this time will be charged $15 for each additional 10 minutes in addition to the standard travel fee. Exceptions: Weather/ life and death